The World’s Fastest Electric Car Is a Corvette—Again It beat its very own record, along even greater speeds into sight.

A recent pinnacle speed ball document has been performed of whisper silence. That’s because such was once put in by means of the Genovation GXE, an all-electric 800-plus-horsepower sports vehicle based of the C7 Corvette.

The vehicle re-set its document because of the world’s fastest street-legal all-electric car, posting a pinnacle pace regarding 210.2 mph, which tops its preceding take notice over 209 mph. The conduct was whole of the three-mile runway at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida, together with famend top-speed check driver Johnny Bohmer at the wheel. Unlike sordid latest top-speed runs to that amount went officially unverified, Genovation brought the International Mile Racing Association in conformity with record, witness, then certify its achievement.